Waterfowl Season to Remember?

With the upcoming Minnesota waterfowl season set to start September 21st and a extra-early Canada Goose season slated for August 10th through August 25th; yes I said August 10th, all waterfowl enthusiats should be happy.   Make sure to check the area open during the August hunt since it encompasses a small portion of West Central Minnesota.

I’m sure your wondering, wow, has this ever happened before?   Honestly,  this will be the earliest opening day of waterfowl season in nearly 70 years.

The extra-early goose season will be the earliest anyone has ever been able to hunt waterfowl since regulated seasons were adopted in over 100 years.

Considering all the changes, it’s time to start preparing for the  hunting season.  Like I was looking for an excuse to start…Start locating the deocys, calls, blinds, etc.  Make that extra trip to buy shells and maybe purchase some new camouflage since we never seem to have enough camo.

With all these new times and dates, it’s interesting to ponder if this is good or bad; you pick since the response will be across the board.  One thing is for sure; hunters will have many opportunities to enjoy waterfowl hunting this fall which starts in August!  Be patient and do your scouting because there are plenty of geese in the area but if you don’t plan, you plan to fail!

The ealy start will bring many new concerns that hunters need to be aware of.  First thing for me is dog safety.  With the anticipated warm days during the August goose season, monitor your dog cloesly for heat exhaustion.  In addition, take precautions for yourselves, too.  Mosquitos will be prevalent so bring some insect spray.  As our dry season is now upon us, remember many small shallow ponds may be dried up so look for crossing areas between large water and food sources and you may be successful with no decoys or calling necessary.

The amount of fields available to hunt will be limited so start scouting early to insure a good field to set up on the first day.  I was just out last Saturday talking with some landowners and I looked out their family room window and counted 38 Canadian geese roaming their lawn next to the lake.  I was asked when I was coming hunting…At the time I had not heard officially on the date but now I do…….August 10th!!

Wheat fields and pea fields should be the ticket.  I’m sure there will be some sweet corn fields but the majority of them will be harvested later in August and into September.  Hunting over water is accepted so this may be a popular option but remember if you shoot geese on their “roost” they will leave and find a new home.  As more geese are disrupted that helps but they have ways of finding the secluded ponds and disappear so be aware of the risk of shooting over small bodies of water.

Remember to always think safety and introduce a young child to the outdoors.


5 thoughts on “Waterfowl Season to Remember?

  1. The date you gave, September 21st, for the start of the duck season is the TENTATIVE date the DNR has
    set. I spoke with the DNR yesterday and they told me the actual date for the duck
    opener would not be released until some date in August.

    • Totally understand. In the past, which is not indicative of the future, the tentative dates have been approved so I’m certain this will be the case. Appreciate your comment and wish you luck this hunting season.


  2. Driving through Olivia with Jom Macoskey on our way to the hunting shack in Milan. We’ll have to get together sometime this fall.

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